Gilbert Public School District

Gilbert Public School District

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27 Elementary Schools


High Schools

Campo Verde High School

Desert Ridge High School

Gilbert High School

Highland High School

Mesquite High School


Junior High Schools

Desert Ridge Junior High School

Gilbert Junior High School

Greenfield Junior High School

Highland Junior High School

Mesquite Junior High School

South Valley Junior High School


General Information
State Arizona(AZ) City Gilbert
School Name Gilbert Public School District Type Co-ed
Founded Grade 9-12
Religious Affiliation No Religion Accommodation Type Homestay
Nearest Airport Website
Telephone (480)497-3000 School Type Public
Total Enrolled Student Enrolled 9th-12th
AP/Honors ESL
% to go Colleges
Admission Requirements
Fees & Payments
8th  $ 0.00   9th  $ 0.00
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Acceptances of Colleges after graduation
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